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Timely and Accurate Medical Deliveries

At Bluegrass Medical logistics, we know that when it comes to the shipment and delivery of medical devices, it has to be on time – with accuracy and accountability throughout the logistics chain. Our proven services for transportation and leading tracking technologies provide medical device manufacturers and suppliers with all the supply chain, shipping services and visibility they need. This includes white glove services and warehousing whenever necessary.

For your critically important services, we offer precision & speed

Knowing healthcare logistics is often a matter of life or death, hospitals, manufacturers, labs and other medical and healthcare organizations must by necessity create seamless partnerships and processes that extend to their logistics providers. With multiple decades of experience in the medical industry, we understand your unique supply chain and shipping needs.

Bluegrass Medical is a leader in testing regarding drug-free workplaces, including on-site substance abuse tests. These initiatives help employers improve safety and performance in the workplace, reducing work-related incidents and minimizing workers’ compensation costs associated with alcohol and drug abuse.

Bluegrass Medical logistics possesses the management and technical expertise to help your organization in the development and execution of a drug-testing program.

On-site services by Bluegrass Medical Logistics

Our on-site services utilize certified SAMHSA Testing Laboratories:

  • Reduce travel time for supervisors and donors
  • They also minimize downtime for both and reduce waiting time at clinics

We can create custom substance abuse policies

  • Our call center experts are available 24/7/365
  • We offer supervisory training and awareness programs
  • Collector training is available
  • We offer full statistical reporting
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) affiliations
  • Randomized selection service
  • Testing of hair, urine, breath and saliva for alcohol
  • We also offer rapid testing with the POCT instant screen device. This device is FDA approved and can provide negative results in seven minutes.

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