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Outsourced logistics management allows a company to heighten the overall quality of their services. Logistics outsourcing helps companies to achieve their business goals by saving money and delivering even better customer service. Gaining flexibility, scalability, access to advanced logistics technology, and strong industry connections are vital to the health of your business operations.

Like anything else, there are always common misconceptions that can deter you from making a decision that may be good for business. Let’s take a closer look and debunk some of those myths.

Myth #1: Your logistics problems end the moment you outsource

Avoid the mindset that once you choose to outsource logistics, it’s no longer your problem. We foster a strong relationship with your clients, ensuring we understand your business, your customers, and your goals. From there, We will be able to navigate and overcome any logistics challenges we might face while working towards the goals you’ve laid out for us here at Bluegrass Express Logistics Management. Without having this clear understanding and communication, unnecessary problems could arise.

Myth #2: Outsourcing logistics will cost you more money

When considering a new business opportunity, one of the first questions is typically about costs. According to a survey done in the 2016 Third-Party Logistics Study, 70% of companies who outsource logistics reported that outsourcing actually lowered their overall logistics spend. As your savings may vary, it could be helpful to analyze your current spend and your results. Then, factor in all of the potential benefits you can receive from outsourcing. When you outsource logistics, you save considerable money on:

  • Employee benefits
  • Employee taxes
  • Unemployment insurance (mandated by Kentucky law)
  • Automobile insurance and umbrella policies
  • Automobile financing
  • Automobile maintenance costs such as: Oil changes, Fuel, Tires, etc.
  • Automobile taxes and registration

Myth #3: Outsourcing logistics leads to a decline in customer satisfaction and the quality of service

As previously mentioned, the degree of excellence we provide is dependent on understanding your business needs. Additionally, our app gives your customers the opportunity to leave comments and ratings for each and every individual delivery! When you outsource with Bluegrass Express (or its specialized divisions, such as Bluegrass Medical and Bluegrass Legal), we become an extension of your team, working towards the same goal with the same expectations.

Could your business benefit from an outsourced logistics specialist? Contact Bluegrass Express (or its specialized divisions, such as Bluegrass Medical and Bluegrass Legal) us for a consultation!

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