Bluegrass Rx Delivery

Bluegrass Rx Delivery | Kentucky Rx Courier

Enjoy all the same services as your local drugstore – with prescription medications hand-delivered directly to you by friendly Bluegrass Rx delivery drivers.

Your Local Pharmacy. Same-Day Delivery.

How does Bluegrass Rx delivery work?

BluegrassRx means never having to wait in Pharmacy lines again. Your prescription will be delivered the same day! Contact Bluegrass Rx today for details or to sign-up!

The benefits? Just a few of our benefits:

  • No more wasting time in pharmacy lines
  • Relax while we bring prescriptions to your door
  • Minimize exposure to germs in crowded pharmacies

About us

BluegrassRx provides a trusted, reliable way to have your prescriptions delivered, from our local pharmacy to your door. No more wasting time in pharmacy lines or making separate trips to the pharmacy.

Bluegrass Medical Courier & Logistics supply drivers guaranteed to make same-day deliveries. We handle orders and payments, serving as coordinators between you and patients.

Independent pharmacists ensure that their patients and communities receive the best care, every single day. Through unique, innovative programs and initiatives that streamline workflow and improve efficiency, their best practices define the spirit of independent pharmacies and support others in becoming destinations for wellness in their communities.

Let's Begin our Pharmacy Delivery Partnership

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