Prescription Delivery Service

Prescription Delivery Service

The ‘Uberization’ of prescription delivery services has created a marketplace expectation for easy access and delivery. In metropolitan areas, delivery, once the great differentiator, has become the expected norm. After CVS announced its nationwide delivery service, independent pharmacy organizations like the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) were quick to point out that independent pharmacies across the country have offered prescription delivery for years.

How often have we seen big box stores announce something and get all this national press when independents have been doing it for years?

However, over a third of independent pharmacies are without a delivery program in this golden age of delivery.

To deliver or not deliver?

Whether to offer prescription delivery depends on your pharmacy. Among the considerations are what you’re losing by not offering a prescription delivery service, which could include current and new patients.  The demand is huge and it’s only growing.

Benefits like increased revenue and customer/patient retention make Bluegrass Medical Courier & Logistics a necessity.

Simply offering delivery can boost a pharmacies’ revenue 6 to 8 percent on average within the first four months. If the restaurant industry is any indication, those percentages reflect the low-end of growth pharmacies could experience with delivery. In an industry where margins continue to plummet, the bump in revenue could be a big deal for business.

Studies also show that home delivery increases patients’ adherence, especially for those with chronic conditions. If your patients with chronic conditions boost their adherence, they’ll boost your revenue, too. Why? Refilled medications earn more revenue than those left on the shelf.

Gaining new patients

Prescription delivery can also deliver new patients through your doors. In a survey by Drug Store News, 70 percent of patients said location mattered most when it came to their pharmacy. For independent pharmacies that can’t afford to build more brick-and-mortar locations, that’s an issue.

But delivery broadens your footprint. It enables you to reach patients who otherwise wouldn’t come to your location. When a retail business like an independent pharmacy offers delivery, they expand their ‘storefront’ to an entire neighborhood, city, or even a region. Your business is no longer constrained by location, so they become accessible to everyone, and anytime.

The Drug Store News survey also revealed that 94 percent of patients care about convenience above all else. And, delivery offers the supreme convenience.

Improving patient relationships

Deliveries can serve as an extra connection point with patients when Bluegrass Medical's Certified Medical Privacy Professionals™ deliver for your pharmacy.

Making it work

Starting a delivery service doesn’t come without risk. If not done well, it could do more harm than good. This is why you need the professionals at Bluegrass Medical Courier & Logistics.

With us, you don't ever have to worry about:

  • Salaries
  • Vehicle purchase
    • and maintenance such as tire changes, oil changes, gasoline, etc.
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Logistics
  • Background Checks
  • Lawsuits
  • Theft
  • Gas
  • Late Delivery
  • Delivery Software to comply with HIPPA

These administrative tasks come with costs. As with service, administrative responsibilities only increase. Make weighing the burden of these requirements against the benefits of offering a delivery service your starting point.

Bluegrass Medical Courier & Logistics supply drivers guaranteed to make same-day deliveries. We handle orders and payments, serving as coordinators between you and patients.

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