5 Ways To Know You Need A New Medical Courier Company

When You Need A New Medical Courier Company

The medical courier company that you use is the face of your business to the people who get your deliveries. This service is a vital link between you and your clients. If your current medical courier company is lacking in these areas; you need to find a new one like ours. Here are five ways to know that you need to find a new courier for your medical deliveries:

The company takes a long time to make deliveries?

Medical materials often are needed immediately. If your courier cannot deliver quickly when it is necessary, lives are impacted. Medical courier delivery has to be 24/7 every day of the year and offer several options for speed so that in an emergency the delivery is STAT.

The drivers are not trained to be HIPAA compliant!

You have to follow HIPAA compliance guidelines so your medical courier delivery service MUST follow those same guidelines, too. Everyone handling the material must be HIPAA trained so that medical information stays confidential and medical materials are transported according to their specific requirements.

Example: Most couriers also do not know that State laws trump HIPPA if a State imposes a higher standard. Currently, eight (8) states have laws with higher standards that supersede federal HIPPA laws. (Source U.S. HHS, HIPPA, and 45 C.F.R. 160.202)

Can you track your packages in real-time?

Couriers carry vital materials and information. You should be able to monitor every step of your shipment in real time no matter what time it is and be confident the delivery arrived on time.

Do the drivers look and act professionally?

Profession delivery people look sharp and act in a manner that is appropriate for business. Professionals know what they are doing, why they are doing it, and inspire confidence that they are doing it right. Professional medical courier companies set stands for the professionalism that extends through their organization. From setting up the delivery through making the delivery and receiving an accurate invoice, you need to be confident the company is doing the job to your standards.

Is the courier company comprehensive enough for your future?

Improving efficiency is a goal for many businesses because it results in higher profits and a better brand reputation. Same day delivery speeds up shipments and allows companies to transport documents from one location to another, or third-party vendors. Having this capability keeps daily activities running smoothly and sets the business apart from their competition.

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